Friday, February 25, 2011

Announcement from St. Louis Contractor Referral Network

I am excited to announce that the St. Louis Contractor Referral Network has grown to over 1,400 members since it was formed about a year ago. At its inception, this Group was intended to serve as a forum for people in the greater St. Louis construction industry to network, gain and give referrals and gain valuable industry related information. So how have we done?

In the last year, SLCRN has put on three tremendous networking events, which were attended by over 150 people each. Each of the events featured an area political, construction or economic leader. More recently, people have begun getting together in other capacities for happy hours, etc. In addition to this, the Discussion Page has served as a forum for Group members to promote other networking events.


The Discussion Page has been filled with people looking for certain contractors, trades or material suppliers. In addition to this, many jobs have been posted. Companies have gained referrals and individuals have found employment as a result of these postings.


I have tried to contribute a number of articles on legal topics relevant to those in the industry. Others have done this on related topics. There have also been many helpful news articles and informative discussions posted. All of this has led to the exchange of valuable and timely industry releated information.

Based on the foreoing, I am certain that being a member of SLCRN has been worth the cost of membership (which is free). I want to encourage you, as members of the Group, to invite your industry connections to join.

You can easily send invitations to your St.Louis area construction connections by going to the main page for the group. At the upper right hand of the screen it says "Forward this Group". If you click this tab, it allows you to forward an invitation to join the group to people in your connections. You have to click the "In" icon and then select which connnections to send it to. You can also customize the message, which I would stronly recommend. You can also send an invitation to people who are not on LInkedIn by adding their e-mail address on the forward this group section.

If you have questions about the foregoing, please let me know.
Thank you for your participation in the Group and your assistance,

Joe Blanner,
Partner at Behr, McCarter & Potter, P.C. and founder of SLCRN

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